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A Powerful New Tool for Health Care Professionals

The DPA Photo-Plethysmograph is a FDA approved device used to measure and analyze pulse waveforms and heart rate. It provides information regarding changes in arterial blood volume and vascular resistance by way of a non-invasive, infrared light fingertip probe.

The measurement probe consists of a light-emitting diode (infrared LED) and a photodiode placed on opposite sides as a light receiver. The light from the LED is transmitted through the tissue at the sensor site. The Photodiode detects the changes in the amount of light absorbed by hemoglobin, which forms the PTG.

The DPA converts the changes of transmitted light into a waveform and displays digital values of pulse rate as well as a graphic display of the pulse waveform and indices on the LCD screen. The DPA also displays the second derivative pulse waveform (Accelerated Plethysmograph - APG) to provide a better evaluation of arterial aging.

By using a PC based DPA expert software program, the DPA is able to measure Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and provide the quantitative analysis of the stress response by time and frequency domains. It indicates the regulation status and balance of the autonomic nervous system.

What is DPA Only Result Sheet?

DPA is now upgraded with enhanced DPA-Only result sheets. This new model will not only make your DPA result sheet easier to understand and better to look at but will give DPA business more edge to be profitable. Every DPA Plus will have a sticker on it along with your company's logo.

How to use DPA Only Result Sheet?

Now, while the good old thermal paper option is still available when you push start button on the device, with DPA you can have a better looking and more authentic and user-friendly result sheet Meridian specifically designed for DPA Details printed out from the computer DPA is connected to. Super clear and colorfully organized DPA Only result sheet will be provided in English and Korean. If you need your language result sheet please contact us at

Where now is DPA actively in demand?

DPA can be seen commonly as an essential part of the wellness program at any natural doctor clinics. with average price for one time test ranging from 50 to 150 USD mostly in Northern America. DPA has received great reviews since launching back in April both from patients and doctors and raised awareness of importance of timely checking of your cardio vascular health, and DPA Details has been instrumental.

Medical industry areas where DPA can be used
1. Natural hospitals
2. Fitness center
3. Health supplements company
4. Public health centers and other government-run health institutions