We has been leading the beauty & healthcare device all over the world. It뭩 possible thanks to our high technology and top quality processing know-how.

밣eople can copy the outside of a product but never can copy the technology and know-how

We can provide OEM service providing the logo or other symbol on the machine and the box as customers request.

Here are a few examples,


We also take request from customers and deliver design and production as they want.
We have unique and superb ability to design and produce laser diode and LED products in a short time and with high quality.

For Whom : Someone who wants additional function

We supplies parts to overseas company so that they produce in their countries and label them as "Made in their countries"
This will be a unique opportunity for our customers to assemble our products in their territories, have them recognized as domestic and enjoy the related benefits


MOQ : 100units ~

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