Marketing > Know - How : Why LAPEX?

"LAPEX 2000P are the one and only original,
LLL(LowLevelLaser) assisted, non-invasive, highly effective, FDA cleared and internationally patented Body Contouring medical device"

are now the gold standard in non-invasive inch-loss and Body Contouring.

Only medical device that delivers laser-assisted inch loss and quality body sculpting accompanied by smart diet and work out plan like no other diet and weight loss alternatives do.

deliver spot fat reduction allowing patients to reduce fat in some targeted area, providing effective Body sculpting.
Non-invasive, No pain, No recovery time needed and without any reported side effect.

can put an end to endless dieting.

How can you be financially successful as a LAPEX BCS business owner?

One customer has been using the LAPEX 2000P, low level lasers since opening his lipo laser business back in 2009. He has successfully treated over 2000 clients in the last 3 years.
At the present time his laser spa occupies an 1800 sq ft free standing building which has four spa treatment rooms one room dedicated to three whole body vibration platforms, a consultation area and the financial sales room. He is currently using 6 LAPEX 2000P. He has shared some of his protocols and thoughts about how his staff consistently get 98% results on 100% of his patients.

He and the staff were able to increase treatment efficiency and financial profitability to almost double in 2 years just by changing how he manages LAPEX 2000P treatment protocol .

According to him, although he has confirmed that Lapex 2000P is effective across the board in terms of skin color, he was not getting consistent results with each and every client.

According to him "We would have some clients who got great results and others that would not. I knew it must have something to do with caloric intake, alcohol consumption and other bad eating habits." After many different approaches such as increasing visits and severe dieting regiments he finally reached a treatment solution that has proven to maximize his potential as a LAPEX clinics owner.

What is the successful treatment tips which will surely lead to successful LAPEX 2000P business?

1. Before treatment
Apply two 4 paddles BCS Pros 30 min for one session.

2. During treatment
No food and water intake two hours before the treatment

3. After treatment
No food intake two hours after treatment however water is encouraged. Drink water after post measurement followed by 10-20 minutes on the WBV plate.

4. Different approach to different group of patients

4-1) Divide patients into 3 groups
a. Spot fat reduction, not much obesity
b. 1-2 areas, Medium body fat
c. Multiple areas abdomen, back, muffin tops, thighs etc.. Heavy body fat

4-2) Different approach
In case of 4-1-a,
Just irradiation to Group 1- 9 sessions
In case of 4-1-b,
Irradiation and smart nutrition is recommended.
9 sessions with nutrition intake and recommendations.
In case of 4-1-c,
Irradiation and traditional weight loss concurrent with the laser sessions.
12-18 sessions including caloric restriction, smart nutrition and moderate exercise.

"He even went ahead and provided 3 inch loss warranty because he is so sure about the efficacy of Lapex 2000P. Say Goodbye to expensive meal plan, dangerous injection and medication."

An effective treatment includes Detox, Healthy eating, water intake and exercise.

A whole body vibration platform is Strongly recommended after the treatment to mobilize the lymphatics and pick up the excess fat that has been drained.

Typical package is as follows :

1. For free or paid consultation +
2. Treatment session( 9 ~ 12) +
3. Whole body vibration platform +
4. All natural Weight-loss supplements +
5. Detox&Cleanse support package

Arrange customer-tailored consultation with the prospective customer.

Talk with patients about their current lifestyles, contraindications and help them set up their personal goals.

Recommend your Nutritional Program and explain it will help to prepare their body for the release of fat into the body's systems.

Help patients book treatments which will include laser therapy of approximately 20-30 minutes followed by 10 minutes on the Whole Body Vibration platform.

During the first treatment, take a Before picture of the area being treated and measure the area being treated with a tension-controlled measuring tape.

Tell your patients to refrain from consuming food or beverage 2-4 hours prior to each Lapex laser treatment.

Make sure that while the patients are relaxing on the treatment bed, the paddles will be placed on the treatment area and moved every 10 minutes until the area has been covered.

After each treatment, to increase circulation, get the patients to enjoy 10 minutes on the Whole Body Vibration platform. Having increased blood flow following each treatment stimulates the body's systems and helps to burn calories.

Tell your patients not to consume any foods or caloric beverages for 2 hours, however drink plenty of water. In addition, encourage them to participate in a physical activity of any sort.

Additional tips for a successful treatment management.

[ Cardio ]
It is highly recommended that the client participate in cardiovascular activity within 2-4 hours after the treatment.

[ Immediate ]
To both stimulate the lymphatics further and engage the muscles to use the free fatty acids as an energy source, use the Whole Body Vibration and / or Infrared sauna immediately post treatment.

[ Eating ]
DO NOT eat 2-4 hours prior or 2-4 hours following treatments.

[ Drinking ]
Only water should be ingested 2-4 hours prior to, and 2-4 hours following treatments to optimize results.
Water should be consumed moderately prior to treatment while plenty of water is recommended following the treatment.