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Meridian's reliable and trustworthy warrant service has been provided for more than 20 years and will
continue to be there for our clients. Since 2009, Meridian has taken its warranty service to the next level
by implementing "Real name QC system". Meridian always tries hard to enhance QC reliability and reduce
defective materials and workmanship to the minimum.

Thanks for purchasing Meridian's products. Meridian's products are all manufactured under strict quality control and
inspection before delivery,and online & off-line technical support is available.

Warranty Service Policy

1) Meridian provides warranty service for replacement parts or repairs without charge for product within warranty period.
- You can email us at, and our staff will return your email
- You can skype us, and our factory staff can help you identify what needs to be done to fix the problem

2) If within warranty period,
1.Customers send the machine to Meridian. Co., Ltd with FOB term using EMS
(Korea government - run post office delivery Service,
If customers use delivery service other than EMS shipping cost will be borne by customers.

2.Meridian send it back to customer after repairing without charge with CIF/ EMS term
* Note;
However, within warranty period but due to misuse, accident, negligence, unauthorized modifications or attachments,
installation and operation not in accordance with Meridian's instructions, warranty service won't be available.

3) If Outside warranty period
Meridian will provide general service with a reasonable charge outside warranty.
1. Customers send the machine to Meridian. Co., Ltd with CIF term
2. Meridian send it back to customer with reasonable charge for repair with CIF/EMS term

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